Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back in Blighty

We arrived home late at night having had a lift from Bournemouth Airport by a dear friend to find our house warm, clean and adorned with balloons and a ‘welcome home’ sign. Not only had our cousin Lorri and her husband Jim travelled from southeast London to do this but they had also, amongst other things, stocked the fridge with essentials, hung a 2007 calendar and even put a chocolate on each of our pillows. We are blessed to have such love and kind-heartedness bestowed upon us.

During the thirty seven days that we have been back in Blighty we have been royally entertained at lunch or supper on thirty five occasions. Considering the adequacy of our girths, which have grown further as a result of this feeding frenzy, we think that these kind invitations have not arisen because of our emaciated appearance but rather because we have wonderful friends and family. We have caught up with a number of friends in the Yacht Club and Sailing Club and at the wedding of beautiful bride, Kate Hay and Johan Miedema. It has been our heartfelt pleasure to see you all.

Other cherished friends have very thoughtfully lent us a car for our stay. Having driven some three thousand miles up, down and across the Country to visit family and friends we have come to the conclusion that the Brits need to calm down and slow down. The pace of life is so hectic that it seems to turn car drivers into demons. We swear that we can see in our rear view mirror horns protruding from the scalp of those behind the wheel of vehicles apparently fixed directly to our rear bumper.

We are sad to leave all of our family and friends and our home again but it is only for a limited period as we plan to be back in the UK for the latter half of July and the entire month of August to avoid the intense heat of the Mediterranean and the high season price and charter fleet madness.

Conversely we are looking forward to getting back to ‘Bella’ to continue our adventure and, quite frankly, to have a rest!

For those of you following Miggy on Julian Clegg’s morning programme on Radio Solent she is next on the air at around 0630 on Monday the 5th of March.

If you need or would like to contact us in Spain our telephone number is :-
+34 636 587 556